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The historical city of Hradec Králové will host the very first IRONMAN 70.3 event in the Czech Republic. One of the most beautiful cities in the county, that loves not only triathlon, but all sports in general, is like a book of architecture. Dozens of towers and pinnacles, churches and municipal mansions, city walls and niches will be your playground. The race center is located in the very heart of this lively, university city, right on river banks of the mighty Labe where you will plunge into an exceptional and unique swim. Every stroke will be followed by thousands of spectators along the entire swimming section and you will feel like a real star here. Gently rolling and lovely countryside of the Eastern Bohemia will lead you through your cycling part and the confluence of two city rivers, Labe and Orlice, will guide you through your last Ironman 70.3 steps towards the final, festive stretch to the finish line on the historical Masaryk square. Welcome in the Czech Republic, in the heart of Europe!

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Length swim 1,5 km, bike 40 km, run 10 km
Start and Finish Start in the very historical heart while plunging into the river Elbe and Finish on the historical Masaryk square 
Start date/Time 18 August 2024, 9:30
Swimming course

river Labe (Elbe)


Time limit 50 minutes

Bicycle course

from city center (river Labe) through the countryside of the Eastern Bohemia back to T1 located at the riverbanks


The time limit for completion of the swimming and cycling events: 2 hours and 45 minutes 

Run course Streets and parks of Hradec Králové (city center and around the confluence of the rivers Orlice and Elbe)
The time limit for finishing the entire competition 4 hours
Race rules HERE:


Bike Králova Lhota – 23 km (water Cisowianka in bottle 0,6 l, isotonic drink HIGH5 in bidon 0,6 l, bananas, energy gel High5, energy bar High5)


(1 loop 5,1 km)

Most Hučák – 1 km, (water Cisowianka in bottle 0,3 l, isotonic drink in cups 0,2 l, bananas, oranges, energy gel High5, energy bar High5, Red Bull in cups)
ZŠ Gočárova – 3 km (water Cisowianka in bottle 0,3 l, isotonic drink in cups 0,2 l, bananas, oranges, energy gel High5, energy bar High5)


Tier 1 110 EUR 
Tier 2 120 EUR
Tier 3 130 EUR
Tier 4 140 EUR
Tier 5 150 EUR


The registration will be closed August 11th, 2024


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